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Finlandia's Paneling Exceeds The Industry's Standards

Finlandia's 1"x 4" T&G paneling makes a difference!
Unlike our competitors, we advertise our wood thickness and we deliver what we advertise. We exceed the industry's standard of ½"x 4"-we have used 1"x 4" since 1964.

FINLANDIA'S 1"x 4" BOARD has a small v joint pattern. The 3/32" v joint gives a neat appearance and allows the larger shoulder to hide nails or fasteners. The ¼" tongue allows fastening without splitting. Our 1"x 4" board has the highest R value, greatest heat retention, and does not require plywood backing for added strength. Our material is 50% to 100% vertical grain.   COMPETITOR'S 5/8"x 4" BOARD has a profile pattern which is common in knotty spruce European Saunas. Boards must be undercut with grooves to help prevent cupping and warping. This pattern leaves a valley between boards which cannot hide nails-there is also lower R value. Boards are almost 100% flat grain.   COMPETITOR'S ½"x 4" BOARD has a reverse v pattern (v on both sides) which creates a small 1/8" tongue. The small shoulder will not easily hide nails or fasteners and the tongue and shoulder can split when nailing. The thinner board has a lower R value and natural shrinkage at the groove will allow some heat loss. ½"x 4" boards can be flat or wide grain with some vertical grain and should be backed with plywood for additional strength and R value.





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